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Beasts of the Earth: 
Descendants of the Spear

Though veiled by myth and secrecy, the Homalis are all around us; an entire race of seemingly ordinary people with transformative abilities. The vampires, werewolves, merpeople, falcons of the East and sabres have almost silently coexisted with humanity for thousands of years, the miracles of their biology safe from malevolent hands. Until now.


Winged Homalis agent Orville Grey is on the cusp of catching his notorious werewolf adversary Lucius Claw, ready to put a past riddled with vengeance and misery to rest. But when Claw’s gang seem to possess life-threatening Agency intel, he finds himself swept into an investigation of much graver proportions, where the safety of his kind may hang in the balance.


Meanwhile, far and wide, teenagers just discovering their abilities are being thrown into the chaos of a world unknown to them. Jake, a boy orphaned by Claw’s actions, and Lilly, a lone burglar from the streets of Paris are taken to a remote training facility to piece together their pasts and newfound strengths. But even at such a secure site, people are having to watch their backs, and not everybody’s intentions are as good-natured as they seem.


As trust runs thin and monsters rise out of the shadows, can this handful of strangers uncover the wildness within themselves and unite their powers against the wave of darkness heading their way?

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Circle of Saints

Since the tragic murder that turned his life upside down, former-detective Jim Griffen has had no intention of returning to the police force. But when a young detective appears on his doorstep, begging for help in a peculiar case, Jim is tempted to review his opinions on his former occupation. Before he can turn back, he finds himself sucked into a dreadful conspiracy, involving drug gangs, robotics corporations and death-obsessed religious fanatics, and must watch as his already unstable existence collapses into mayhem.


Two months later, Sam Turner is starting his dream job as a missing persons detective; but things aren’t always as simple as they appear. Talks of betrayal and corruption pass frequently between his bosses and co-workers, and his first case is to find a little girl who claims to be on the run from a monster. Sam doesn’t believe in monsters of course… not until he finds himself firing bullets at one.


While trails are pursued and secrets are uncovered, both Jim and Sam soon realise that there are things far worse than crime in Nightdrop. As unnatural, impossible things arise from its criminal underworld, what appears to be two ordinary cases must soon become a fight for the city itself.

Book no.1
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