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I'm Back!!

Hello everybody, and welcome back to the Please Knock Blog! It's been a crazy few months between A levels, summer holidays and moving into university (and of course writing the second Beasts of the Earth book) so thank you for being so patient while I get myself together. I'm so delighted to be back writing blogs again and I hope you enjoy all the awesome things I've got in store for you across the next few years.

Some big changes are happening at the moment. The first of which is I've made it to university, meaning my schedule is much more in my hands and as such I intend to be making much more time for all the writing projects I enjoy.

On top of that, Descendants of the Spear is now much cheaper and more page-efficient (without any loss of content!). I've done some experimenting with the format and as such have managed to reduce the book's size by 100 pages, which not only reduces the paper and ink usage, but allows you guys to get the epic novel in its wondrous physical form for just £13.99 (o.e. for other countries). As for the ebook, you can now read all 690 pages for just £1.99, and both of these formats will be available through this website or amazon (please note, ebooks can't be bought through the amazon app but can be bought through the amazon website, and of course are read on your kindle or the kindle app).

In terms of the future, I'm now setting myself the (somewhat ambitious) goal of providing you guys with at least one blog post a week, be it book announcements, short stories, writing tips, behind the scenes looks, short films or anecdotes so make sure to make an account on this website for free so you don't miss any announcements! (Next week I'm hoping to start a little "Making of Descendants of the Spear" so keep your eyes peeled for that).

There's lots of exciting in works to come, with Beasts of the Earth: Blood of the Ocean set for its 2024 release date, and a few other projects churning along in the background.

I can't wait to show you everything! See you in the next blog.

Threap :)

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