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One of the joys of living in the modern era is the realisation that pretty much nothing is out of bounds. You want to learn how to write? Excellent, here's twenty books and twelve youtube channels on how to do that. You want to publish a book? Try these free sites. You want an audiobook? No problem, here ya go! It's a constant treasure trove of opportunities; an endless mountain where the only thing limiting you is your enthusiasm to learn and expand yourself.

You'd think after so many epiphanies of this nature that I'd have jumped on the opportunity to design my own website. But for whatever reason, I thought it was an inaccessible pipe dream. Perhaps I imagined I was too young (despite the book I wrote), that it would be too expensive or would require tons of learning that I didn't have time for. As it turned out, it was dead easy, and all I had to do was look. So on one bored summer afternoon - too tired to write, too guilt-ridden to binge watch any more Invincible - I did the research, and here is the end result. A fully functioning website, where you can see my books, bio, and, to my great excitement, blogs!

As a writer who uses their snapchat private story far too often to express himself, I've long thought blogs would be a great way to share my views, tips and experiences to the world in a way that I can't through my novels. As much as I love making videos for my youtube channel, it's extraordinarily high maintenance to produce videos of the right quality on a regular basis when I have so much going on and literally spend hours a week writing words on a page. This way you should receive regular posts from me about... well, pretty much everything. Tips on the writing process, anecdotes, news from the literary world, updates on exciting upcoming projects, reviews on books, shows, films, tv, games (with story of course). Who knows, maybe I'll drop in the odd short story here and there? Anything could happen...

So stick around, because I'm hoping to do at least one of these a week, maybe more if I get the hang of it. Also make sure to subscribe to our emailing list so you don't miss a blog or new release (don't worry, unlike some websites I won't try and sell you T-Shirts (not yet anyway)). Lastly, if you're bored, try out my crime mystery book with a sci-fi twist: Circle of Saints, available in print or as an ebook on amazon (click the nice button on the "books" section of this website to head straight there). I'd also recommend subscribing to my youtube channel: A Page a Day with Harry Threapleton - where you'll find more helpful tips, news and reviews - and be sure to check out my instagram account: Harry_Threapleton.

I hope you find what you're looking for, and remember, a page in a day is a book in a year. Happy reading!

- Threap :)

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